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  • Can Oklahoma City Arrest Records Be Expunged?

    Sometimes, Oklahoma City arrest records can be expunged or erased. Expungement can be a wonderful tool to help you move on in your life after you have turned your life around. It is actually a term for sealing certain court records from public view. But just like shoes, expungements in Oklahoma come in all sorts of […]

  • What is Uttering a Forged Instrument Oklahoma City?

    Uttering a forged instrument Oklahoma City may seem like a victimless crime. However, forgery of any kind in Oklahoma is a serious offense. Forgery itself is creating the counterfeit object with the intent to circulate the item as genuine. Uttering a forged instrument Oklahoma City is a separate crime — it is actually placing the forged instrument into circulation. […]

  • Can an Oklahoma City Protective Order be Expunged?

    An Oklahoma City protective order, sometimes called a restraining order, is often issued in a domestic setting. When home life becomes angry and violent, a domestic protective order can provide a much-needed cooling off period. Sometimes one of the parties must move out of the home for a period of time. If a protective order is given on […]

  • Benefits of Expungement in Oklahoma City

    You may not realize it, but a criminal record in Oklahoma can hold you back from moving on with your life long after you have completed your sentence. However, it is possible to get an expungement in Oklahoma City. This basically means your criminal record is erased or sealed. New laws in Oklahoma make it […]

  • When Can Oklahoma City Criminal Records Be Expunged?

    The state legislature has taken concrete steps to help those who have been convicted of crimes begin a new chapter free from the stigma of Oklahoma City criminal records. Criminal record expungement in Oklahoma has always been a tool available to seal certain categories of criminal records from public view. But the waiting time of […]

  • Steps in Criminal Records Expungement Oklahoma City

    There are two basic types of expungements Oklahoma City — expungement of your entire criminal record, also called a criminal records expungement (Okla. Stat. tit. 22 § 18) and expungement of your name from court records, also known as a deferred sentence expungement. (Okla. Stat. tit.22 § 991c) The process of getting an expungement Oklahoma […]

  • How to Get a Governor’s Pardon in Oklahoma City

    A Governor’s pardon in Oklahoma City can be the first step toward putting your past behind you and moving on with your life. It is issued by the Governor of Oklahoma upon the completion of a lengthy application process. When given, it acts as an official statement of forgiveness for the crime pardoned. It is […]

  • Does Expungement Remove Records from ODCR Oklahoma City?

    Criminal records in Oklahoma City can be obtained in a number of ways: via hard copy at a courthouse, via private investigator, and by the click of a button, via the internet. There are also many private companies that can retrieve criminal and court records for you. On Demand Court Records (ODCR) and state-run court […]

  • After an Expungement Order Oklahoma, Can I Say I Wasn’t Convicted?

    A criminal record in Oklahoma City can make it difficult to turn a new chapter in your life. It appears on background checks and can make it really difficult to get and keep a decent paying job. It can make it impossible to obtain and keep certain kinds of professional licenses. It can also make […]

  • What Types of Criminal Cases Can Be Expunged in Oklahoma City?

    Having criminal files and records expunged in Oklahoma City is a valuable tool. Expungement is a sealing of records that makes those records unavailable for public viewing. It allows you to close one chapter of your life and open a new chapter. Like bankruptcy, it allows you a fresh start in some ways. The Oklahoma legislature […]

  • Does Getting a Pardon in Oklahoma City Expunge Court Records?

    An expungement and getting a pardon in Oklahoma City are different animals. They serve different functions, although they both make it easier to move on with your life after a scrape with the law. Here are some facts about them both that will help you understand the differences between a governor’s pardon and an expungement. Pardon […]

  • How Can I Defend Myself Against a Charge of Aggravated Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon in Oklahoma City?

    Assault and battery can have a number of consequences, especially if you’ve been charged with aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Oklahoma City. About Assault and Battery in Oklahoma Oklahoma law makes it illegal to attempt to or actually commit an act of violence against another person. Many people do not realize that […]

  • Examining the Crime of Making a False Statement to a Government Agency

    Making a false statement on any document you submit to a government agency in Oklahoma City can mean facing a judge. Even though it may seem like no big deal, making any type of false statement to a government agency can lead to fines and jail time. What is a False Statement to a Government […]

  • I Am Charged with Possession of a Firearm After Felony Conviction in Oklahoma, What Do I Do?

    Moving past a felony conviction can be difficult in Oklahoma City, especially when you may not have completely cut ties with the lifestyle you were formerly involved in. However, if you are caught in possession of a firearm after felony conviction in Oklahoma, you will find yourself behind bars again. About Possession of a Firearm After […]

  • What is a Delinquent Minor in Oklahoma City?

    A delinquent minor in Oklahoma City is one who has broken a state or federal law or violated a court order. Breaking traffic laws typically will not lead your teen to get into trouble in juvenile court, unless they have amassed several traffic violations. Most kids get into some trouble during their young lives. Although […]

  • How Serious is False Impersonation in Oklahoma?

    False impersonation in Oklahoma City is often a misunderstood crime that carries major penalties. It is a crime that occurs in many forms; the most common form of false impersonation in Oklahoma is impersonating a police officer. Note, however, that simply dressing up as a police officer at Halloween is not illegal, as long as […]

  • How Serious is Witness Intimidation Oklahoma?

    The prospect of losing your freedom or paying thousands of dollars in fines can cause anyone to panic, and contemplate committing crimes such as witness intimidation Oklahoma City. However, if you have a pending court case, you can’t do anything to disrupt the process from being carried out against you. This includes trying to prevent […]

  • What Happens in Court with Domestic Assault Charges Oklahoma?

    Many people have been in angry, frustrating arguments with their significant other or someone whom they used to date. However, if these arguments get out of control and turn violent, you may find yourself in trouble with the law and facing domestic assault charges Oklahoma City. Domestic assault and battery is the formal term for domestic […]

  • How Can I Fight a Charge of Destruction of Evidence in Oklahoma City?

    Getting into trouble can be stressful, especially if you are facing jail time or hefty civil penalties. However tempting it may be, it is not worth it to attempt to destroy evidence. Being accused of destruction of evidence in Oklahoma City can lead to significant criminal penalties, not to mention harming your original criminal case. […]

  • What Constitutes Telephone Harassment in Oklahoma City?

    Getting angry can make some people do things they would not ordinarily do. However, if you are charged with telephone harassment in Oklahoma City, you could find yourself in more trouble than it is worth. So, whether you are angry at an ex, a family member, or friend, keeping your cool in Oklahoma can mean […]

  • What Are the Penalties for Possession of Stolen Property in Oklahoma City?

    Most people in Oklahoma City love a good deal. However, some deals can land you in jail if you’ve purchased stolen property, even if you did not know the seller or the origin of the goods. Learn more about these laws, and protect yourself against the possible consequences of possession of stolen property in Oklahoma. What […]

  • What Happens if Convicted of Harboring a Fugitive in Oklahoma City?

    When a friend or family member is in trouble with the law, it may be tempting to want to reach out and help them. However, if you do, you may be charged with harboring a fugitive in Oklahoma City, which is a very serious crime. What is Harboring a Fugitive in Oklahoma? A fugitive is defined […]

  • What Makes Something Possession of a Controlled Substance in Oklahoma City?

    Many people are aware that possessing drugs is a crime. However, the legal concept of “possession” is very complicated and often depends on the specific facts of your case. If you’ve been charged with possession of a controlled substance in Oklahoma City, contact an experienced drug defense attorney right away. FAQ: Possession of a Controlled Substance […]

  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight a Ticket for Public Intoxication in Oklahoma City?

    People who just want to unwind or love to party need to exercise some discretion when going from one place to another while drinking liquor or other alcoholic beverages. This is because public intoxication in Oklahoma City is illegal under both state and city law. About Public Intoxication in Oklahoma Under Oklahoma City ordinance, “no person […]

  • Charged with Obstructing an Officer in Oklahoma City? What to Know

    Having a run in with a police officer in Oklahoma City can often escalate quickly, especially if either party is hostile or even just rude to the other person. If things escalate enough, law enforcement authorities may charge you with obstructing an officer in Oklahoma. If this happens, you will be charged with a misdemeanor crime and […]