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Oklahoma City pardon attorneyYou’ve Changed — Prove It

In Oklahoma, convicted felons looking for a fresh start could be granted a pardon. A pardon is formal recognition by the governor that someone has turned their life around and has become a productive citizen. An Oklahoma City pardon attorney can help get the wheels spinning in the right direction for those considering filing for a pardon.

An Oklahoma Pardon Attorney can provide assistance to those filling out an application to the state’s Parole Board for a pardon.  A pardon attorney at the Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City knows the system and can advise you how to prepare for this important step.

Why Hire An Oklahoma City Pardon Attorney?

To be eligible in Oklahoma for a pardon, a person must have finished their court ordered sentence including any probation or parole time or have been released from the “behind bars” portion of their sentence for at least five years. An Oklahoma pardon attorney knows where to look for the records you need to file a complete pardon application with the state’s Pardon and Parole board. It’s important that you have all the important information available what the board looks to determine if  the application should be forwarded on to the Governor’s office for review. A pardon attorney can look at a petition with an eye toward how the Pardon and Parole Board will view its contents.

Pardon v. Expungment

In Oklahoma, a pardon will not wipe clean a person’s criminal history. That could be important down the road when a former prisoner is looking for work because that old crime will still appear. That’s why the state offers criminals a chance to expunge their records. An Oklahoma City pardon attorney can help navigate the complex process for those seeking a possible chance to expunge their record with the District Court where the conviction occurred.

There are certain cases where a criminal record can only be expunged long after you’ve completed your sentence.  What a pardon does is to help demonstrate that you have seen the errors of your ways and are a responsible citizen that has adjusted to society. That’s why our office is here to help explain the process and review a former inmate’s possible case for pardon.

Confidential Consultation: Oklahoma City Pardon Attorney

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