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Because a misdemeanor arrest in the Oklahoma City area is a serious charge, you will need an Oklahoma City misdemeanor attorney by your side early in the process. A defense lawyer can help you before the wheels of justice system gain momentum.

You need expert misdemeanor defense assistance because the outcome of a misdemeanor charge here in the state of Oklahoma can have serious consequences for you and for your loved ones. A misdemeanor conviction can have adverse affects on your current or employment opportunities, on your reputation and on any future encounters with the court system. Don’t wait until its too late reach out to an Oklahoma City misdemeanor attorney at the Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Misdemeanor Defense

A misdemeanor can range from assault and battery, certain drug charges, writing a bad check, DUI arrest, shoplifting and even if your pet escapes your yard.  As you can see misdemeanor charges cover a wide variety of offenses which means the case built around them are quite unique. That’s why having an aggressive alley at your side from the moment of your arrest or if you plan to turn yourself into Oklahoma City authorities will help to protect your best interests.

The state of Oklahoma defines by statute that a misdemeanor is any crime that is not punishable by imprisonment in the state penitentiary or by capital punishment. That means a misdemeanor conviction in Oklahoma City courts can result in fines, probation and incarceration of up to one year in the county jail. It’s a serious charge that if it’s not handled swiftly from the arrest it could lead to life changing problems. It’s best to discuss your unique situation first with an Oklahoma City misdemeanor attorney before you decide what is right for you.

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There’s no cost and no obligation for an initial consultation with our Oklahoma City misdemeanor attorney at our firm.  Call today for answers to your questions. Before you let police or prosecutors tell you what’s best for you, talk to lawyer in Oklahoma City who’s business is to protect the interests of people in your position.

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