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A felony charge is a serious offense that not only affects the life of the person charged, but also their family. That’s why it’s important from the moment of an arrest to have an aggressive Oklahoma City felony attorney on your side. When charged with a felony, you need to make sure your rights are protected.

Felony charges carry serious penalties including severe fines, restrictive probation, long-term imprisonment or even the death penalty for some charges. The felony defense attorneys at the Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City are here to stand up for you and your rights.

When Stakes Are High, Your Lawyer Matters

From the moment of your arrest, the wheels of justice begin spinning against you. That’s why an effective Oklahoma City felony attorney can provide advocacy that requires complete knowledge of the law, relentless legal research, tenacious case investigation, persuasive argument and hard-nosed negotiation.

After your arrest by police, it’s up to prosecutors to decide whether or not to proceed with charges against you. An experienced Oklahoma City felony defense counsel can represent you in your preliminary hearings and work to persuade the court to release you until your trial. The seasoned felony defense attorneys at our firm are quite familiar with police and court procedures so we can identify potential weaknesses in the case against you. A skilled defense attorney may even discover flaws in a case so severe they persuade prosecutors to drop charges.

If your case doesn’t get tossed out Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City has the skill and experience to take your case to trail. A jury trial isn’t the only option though. Our attorneys’ experience and legal knowledge can assist you in deciding whether to fight charges or negotiate. Skilled attorneys can explain to you the risks of a trail and the downside of a negotiated plea. A plea agreement usually preempts any opportunity to appeal a conviction.

A felony is a serious offense which is why it’s important to have a strong legal advocate on your side from early on in your case.  It’s a startling reality that, under Oklahoma law, parole is denied or greatly limited for many felony offenses. Some felony charges in Oklahoma preclude probation until at least 85 percent of the sentence has been served. Don’t risk your liberty when help is available. Contact an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney before you roll the dice on your future.

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