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Oklahoma City expungement attorneyPut the Past Behind You

Is it hard to shake your criminal past to start down a new path in life? If you answered yes to that question, then a Oklahoma City expungement attorney can begin the process towards trying to help you gain better employment, pass background checks and most importantly move on in your new life.

Quite often people have even finished their court ordered probation and discovered their information is still in the court records. That’s why it may be time to contact an Oklahoma City expungement attorney to check too see if you can have your criminal record expunged.

How Oklahoma Expungement Works

Expungement doesn’t mean your records just disappear. In the state of Oklahoma there are two different ways your criminal conviction or arrest records can be expunged. The first has to do with with your personal information that can be kept on docket sheets, public case files and other searchable indexes. In order for this to happen an expungement attorney can file a petition to try and have the court clerk remove that information from the records. Second, on the federal level an expungement can be used to keep your personal information so that those looking through various computer search engines won’t find your name.

No Time Limit

It doesn’t matter if your arrest was 10 or 30 years ago, the state of Oklahoma expungement statutes have no time limit before an expungement can be granted. It’s important to note that not every criminal matter may be eligible for expungement, that’s why it’s important to ask our legal team. An Oklahoma City expungement attorney in our office may advise you about steps you may take even before your case is closed to be sure your criminal history is removed from court records.

Confidential Consultation: Oklahoma City Expungement Attorney

It’s not an automatic procedure that’s why you need to discuss your specific case with an expungement lawyer in Oklahoma City. There’s no cost and no obligation for an initial consultation with our Oklahoma City expungement attorney. Call today for answers to your questions.  Call Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City at (405) 588-4529  (588-4LAW). If you prefer, you may send your question using the contact form at the top right side of this page.