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If you’ve been arrested on a drunken driving charge in Oklahoma, your first call should be to an experienced attorney Oklahoma City DUI attorney who can fight for your best interests.

From the moment you’ve been placed in handcuffs, driven to the station and booked into jail the legal system has been spinning its wheels against you. If you’ve refused or failed an alcohol breath test, you’ve lost your drivers license. But there are ways to keep your drivers license, just one of the many topics a knowledgeable DUI attorney can help answer about the process in an effort to limit the disruption of your life.

Time is Not on Your Side

It’s crucial that you don’t delay speaking with a DUI attorney if you want to keep driving. Under Oklahoma state law a 15 day deadline starts when you are arrested, during that time it’s urgent that you act immediately to protect your driving privileges.

The state of Oklahoma immediately suspends the licenses of drivers who fail or refuse a test for alcohol in their system. An experience Oklahoma City DUI attorney can apply for a modified suspension. That could mean you get to keep driving under certain conditions, such as for work or with an ignition interlock device.

If you don’t act in a timely fashion you may no longer be eligible to appeal the license suspension which could mean you could loose your licenses for six months, a year, three years or even longer.

Oklahoma DUI Penalties

A court could sentence you up to one year in jail for a first time DUI conviction. That’s why having someone who understands the system can evaluate your options to try and keep you out of jail.   Prosecutors could consider alcohol treatment or diversion programs for those arrested for DUI instead of sending someone to jail. That’s why quickly talking to an Oklahoma City DUI attorney can help you see what possible options may be suit your defense. If it’s your second DUI arrest that could leave you incarcerated up to five years, and with significant fines and court costs. Our attorneys are experienced in misdemeanor defense and felony defense in DUI cases to provide a depth of knowledge when assessing your specific case.

What some people don’t know is that a felony DUI conviction can ripple across all aspects of your life. Including the loss of hunting privileges, voting rights and the right to ever hold public office. That’s why it’s your best course of action to seek aggressive assistance of an experienced Oklahoma City DUI Attorney.

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