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It’s important that you’re provided with accurate, timely and effective information when you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge in an Oklahoma court. That’s why when you’re looking for criminal defense in Oklahoma City due to a pending charge you need someone who will be there at your side. That’s what the defense experts at the Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City can do to help provide guidance during this stressful time. 

If your here looking for criminal defense law resources to help you prepare for a pending case, we’ve assembled a few important sites for you investigate on your own. We encourage you to look around these sites to help you see what’s ahead, when you’re done we’re here to help you protect your freedom.

Esquire Empire:Esquire Empire provides an accurate, timely and informative guide to understanding family law in Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections: The Oklahoma DOC oversees all correctional facilities in the state. You can find contact information for those in charge of all prisons and learn the unique rules for each center.

Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board: The members of the OK Pardon and Parole Board decide the fate of inmates in correctional facilities. The site explains the processes for pardon, parole and expungements.

Oklahoma State Courts Network: OSCN provides search engines to help you keep track of your or a family members case through the legal system.

Prison Fellowship: Provides support and resources for the 2.3 million prisoners behind bars, their families and ex-convicts .

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