Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  How Do I Contest an Application to Revoke Probation in Oklahoma City?

probation in OklahomaJudges often do not send people who have been convicted of a crime directly to prison. Instead, they may suspend the prison sentence and allow a defendant to serve time on probation in Oklahoma City. When this happens, you will be on probation in Oklahoma for the duration of your prison sentence.

However, if you do not abide by the terms of your probation or get into trouble while on probation, the prosecutor may apply to have your probation revoked so that you will have to go to jail for the remainder of your sentence.

How do Suspended Sentences Work?

If you are given a suspended sentence, you will be on probation for the entire duration of your actual prison sentence. If, for example, you were convicted of bribery and sentenced to five years in prison, the court may suspend your sentence and allow you to serve five years on probation in Oklahoma instead.

A suspended sentence is not a free ride, though. You will have to abide by a series of rules and also do community service, maintain a job, and abide by a curfew.

Revoking Probation in Oklahoma

A failure to abide by your probation terms is a big deal and the district attorney may seek to have your probation revoked. This is especially true if you habitually break the rules of your probation or get arrested again.

To determine whether you have violated your probation, the judge will hold a revocation hearing where you will be entitled to an attorney. An attorney can represent you and argue why you should remain on probation in Oklahoma and out of jail.

(Ok. Stat. Tit. 22 Sec. 991(b))

Penalties for Probation Violations

If you violate your probation in Oklahoma City, the judge may also impose the following penalties on you:

  • a short-term jail sentence;
  • required attendance in a day treatment center;
  • required community service completion;
  • participation in outpatient or inpatient treatment;
  • monetary fines,
  • or stricter curfews.

You may also be required to serve a six-month sentence if you have committed a probation violation in Oklahoma.

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