Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  What Are the Penalties for Possession of Stolen Property in Oklahoma City?

possession of stolen property in OklahomaMost people in Oklahoma City love a good deal. However, some deals can land you in jail if you’ve purchased stolen property, even if you did not know the seller or the origin of the goods.

Learn more about these laws, and protect yourself against the possible consequences of possession of stolen property in Oklahoma.

What Happens When you Purchase Stolen Goods?

The law in Oklahoma prohibits purchasing any item if the buyer either knows or could have reasonably known that an item was stolen, embezzled, or obtained by false pretense or robbery. This law can easily land anyone in legal trouble, because the standard covers people who, essentially, should have known the property was stolen.

For example, David purchases a brand new 70-inch flat screen television for $100 from someone he met on Craigslist. He is aware that the seller has at least a dozen of these televisions and that he is selling each of them for well below market value. However, David figures it’s not his business, that the deal is too good to pass up, and says nothing to the seller.

Unfortunately, David can be charged with possession of stolen property in Oklahoma. This is because the law requires that he make a reasonable inquiry into the origin of the goods. This is true even if you have no actual evidence that the goods were stolen.

It is therefore a defense that you inquired about the goods before purchasing them. (Ok. Stat. Tit. 21 Sc. 1713)

What is the Punishment for Possession of Stolen Property in Oklahoma?

A charge of possession of stolen property in Oklahoma can result in a misdemeanor conviction, which can carry fines and jail time of up to one year.

However, in more severe cases (i.e. a defendant colluded with a seller to knowingly purchase stolen goods), a defendant may be charged with a felony crime. Upon conviction, he could face up to five years in state prison.

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