Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  Examining the Crime of Making a False Statement to a Government Agency

false statementMaking a false statement on any document you submit to a government agency in Oklahoma City can mean facing a judge.

Even though it may seem like no big deal, making any type of false statement to a government agency can lead to fines and jail time.

What is a False Statement to a Government Agency in Oklahoma?

The state penalizes anyone who makes a statement on a government form that they know to be false, fictitious, or fraudulent.

Under Oklahoma law, a false document is one that has been wholly or partly fabricated or materially altered.

“Fictitious” means “imaginatively created past facts.”

“Fraudulent” means a false suggestion of facts or the suppression of the truth brought about through trickery, false appearance, or through any other unfair way in order to cheat.

When a False, Fictitious, or Fraudulent Statement is a Crime

There are two circumstances where knowingly making a false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement to the government is a crime.

First, when a person, firm, or corporation, association, or agency attempts to receive money from the state. This can lead to a felony conviction, two years in prison, and $10,000 in fines.  (Ok. Stat. Title 21 Sec. 358A, 359)

It is also illegal to make a false statement on a job application. This can lead to a misdemeanor conviction and $1,000 in fines.

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Making a false statement to the government in Oklahoma City may seem small, but it actually has big consequences.

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