Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  What is a Delinquent Minor in Oklahoma City?

delinquent minor in OklahomaA delinquent minor in Oklahoma City is one who has broken a state or federal law or violated a court order.

Breaking traffic laws typically will not lead your teen to get into trouble in juvenile court, unless they have amassed several traffic violations.

Most kids get into some trouble during their young lives. Although most of the trouble kids get into is minor and can be handled by their school or parents, some kids find themselves in court answering for their transgressions.

If your child has been arrested or charged with a crime, he may have to go before a juvenile court. Contact an Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney today to ensure your child’s future is not derailed by these juvenile proceedings.

What is a Delinquent Minor in Oklahoma?

Unlike adults, minors are not considered to be “innocent until proven guilty” if they’ve committed a crime. Instead, he or she is declared a delinquent minor in Oklahoma and faces juvenile proceedings. During such proceedings, children usually have an advocate to protect their interests and a social worker may also be involved.

However, kids who commit very serious crimes, such as murder, may be tried as adults.

Penalties for Juveniles

Minors who have been adjudicated delinquent will often have to pay fines, as well as restitution for any damage they caused to property. If it is clear the minor needs intervention, the court may place the child in community residential treatment, behavioral reformation camps, or on probation. Drug and alcohol treatment, personal counseling, educational services, and parental intervention services may also be ordered.

FAQ: Juvenile Centers

Once arrested, juveniles may be held in a juvenile detention center. In Oklahoma, this may be the Central Oklahoma Juvenile Center (COJC) or the Southwest Oklahoma Juvenile Center (SOJC). These facilities are exclusively for minors and no adults are held there.

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When your child is declared a delinquent minor in Oklahoma, you may be frightened that their life will be ruined at an early age. This is not always the case. However, it is important to take action and ensure your child is adequately represented by an experienced Oklahoma City misdemeanor defense attorney.

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