Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  Charged with Perjury in Oklahoma City? What You Need to Know

perjury in Oklahoma CityAlthough the truth hurts, lying may be even costlier if you get caught doing it under oath. This is called perjury and it is a serious crime.

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About Perjury in Oklahoma City

Under Oklahoma law, “whoever, in a trial, hearing, investigation, deposition, certification or declaration…makes…a statement under oath, affirmation or other legally binding assertion that the statement is true, when in fact the witness or declarant does not believe that the statement is true…is guilty of perjury” (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 491).

Essentially, anytime you lie under oath, including in an affidavit, you have opened yourself to legal charges for perjury in Oklahoma City.

Defenses to Perjury in Oklahoma City

There are two defenses to a perjury charge, if you choose not to plead guilty at the outset.

First, you can argue that the statement was not actually false. Second, you can argue that you believed the statement to be true when you made it.

However, a prosecutor may bring evidence proving that you were aware of the falsity of the statement. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 499).

Perjury in Oklahoma City Penalties

The penalty for perjury in Oklahoma City depends on the circumstances under which the false statement was made.

Grand Jury: Between two and 20 years in prison.

Oklahoma court of justice:  Between one and 10 years in prison.

Any other circumstances: Five years in prison. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 500).

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Committing perjury in Oklahoma City may seem like no big deal, but you can actually face steep penalties.

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