Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  How Serious is a No Car Insurance Ticket in Oklahoma?

no car insurance ticket in OklahomaWe all need to get around a town as busy as Oklahoma City, but failure to carry proper auto liability insurance can lead to a legal mess if you get pulled over.

If you’ve received a no car insurance ticket in Oklahoma, get in touch with a qualified Oklahoma City traffic attorney to discuss your options.

What is the Oklahoma Liability Insurance Requirement?

Under Oklahoma law, you are responsible for any loss resulting from bodily injury, death and property damage sustained by another person arising out of the use of the vehicle. Even if you do not own the car you are driving, you will be responsible for damage.

A key component of this requirement is the mandate that you carry proof of insurance with you at all times when driving. This is true whether it is your own car or someone else’s.

If you are unable to produce a copy of your insurance at the time of being pulled over, you will probably receive a no car insurance ticket in Oklahoma. This means you will have to go to court to resolve the issue before a judge.

Penalties for No Car Insurance Ticket in Oklahoma

If you have insurance and just didn’t have it on you when you were pulled over, simply produce it to the court within 48 hours and your case will be dismissed.

Otherwise, you could be charged with a misdemeanor crime. Additionally, any type of no car insurance ticket in Oklahoma can lead to expensive fines and court costs.

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