Oklahoma City Criminal Defense Attorney  What are the Goals of Juvenile Defense in an Oklahoma Juvenile Court ?

Having a child charged with a juvenile offense of any kind can be difficult on the whole family. Most often, your child being in trouble with the law is symptomatic of deeper issues that need to be addressed. When working with a juvenile defense attorney, your goal should be to resolve the case efficiently and in the best interest of the child. This article discusses the most important goals of any juvenile case in Oklahoma.

When a lawyer deals with a juvenile case, there are typically three objectives. The first is to keep the youth out of custody and keep the child at home with their family and community, where they belong. Your attorney should seek to resolve the issue by pursuing an informal resolution, which may include:

  1. A stern lecture;
  2. Mandatory counseling;
  3. Mandatory community service;
  4. The payment of restitution to the victim(s) of he crime; and/or
  5. Probation.

Any of these conclusions is preferable to having the case adjudicated and disposed in juvenile court.

The second objective is to keep the offense off of the minor’s record. Here the goal is to prevent the juvenile from acquiring a criminal record that will haunt then for the rest of their life. Keeping your child’s record clean and keeping them out the criminal justice system is important to preserving their future.

The third goal is to help get the minor’s life back on track. All aspects of the child’s life need to be examined in order to determine what caused him to get in trouble in the first place. Be it drug, alcohol or hanging out with the wrong crowd, those issued need to be addressed. This should also include an assessment of the juveniles family life and mental health which, when troubled, are often the reasons that lead so many youth into the juvenile justice system.

So, not only is the goal to get the child out of the juvenile court system and out of trouble now, but to get their life back on track and keep them out of the system, by dealing with the underlying issues that led them here in the first place.

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