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When you are accused of being on the wrong side of the law in Oklahoma City, you are facing one of the toughest criminal justice systems in the United States. You will need an Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney equipped with the deep knowledge of Oklahoma law required to prevail in a state that locks up more of its people than almost any other jurisdiction in the nation.

You will want a defense lawyer with the mental acuity to uncover weaknesses in prosecution arguments. You will want an advocate with the persuasive skill to expose reasonable doubts in the prosecution’s case. The defense experts at Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City know how to fight for your freedom. For a free consultation about your case with a sharp, tough Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney, call today at (405) 588-4LAW (588-4529).

Charged? Get Powerful Legal Representation

Any time you are facing criminal charges, you need someone to represent you — in court and sometimes during investigations or interrogations. The longer you wait to get competent legal counsel, the easier it becomes for the other side to persuade you to take their advice.

Remember, the prosecution is not on your side. Prosecutors do not represent your interests. Investigators might offer to “help you out” only to gain your trust and build their case against you. You need a legal team whose job truly is to protect your interests.

When you retain Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City to defend you against criminal charges, we examine police reports in detail to discover flaws, procedural lapses and short-sighted investigations. When the stakes are high, we assemble the expertise required to counterbalance the authority of forensic testimony against our clients. From the day you retain us through the final moments of a difficult trial, we work to represent you in a positive light to those who will decide your case.

Before you retain legal counsel, you most likely have questions. You might want to know what an attorney could do for you, how a particular attorney might approach your case or what representation in a criminal matter might cost. We have answers for your questions.

The Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer at Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City prefers to gain your confidence before you retain us to represent your interests. Unless we can work together as a team, our service may not provide the advantage you need to prevail against aggressive prosecution. We provide free initial consultations so you can decide if Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City is the right defense firm for you — before you retain us as your defense counsel.

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There is no cost and no obligation for an initial consultation with our Oklahoma City criminal defense attorney. Call today for answers to your questions. Before you let police or prosecutors tell you what’s best for you, talk to a criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City whose business is to protect the interests of people in your position.

Call Criminal Defense Law Office of Oklahoma City at (405) 588-4529  (588-4LAW). If you prefer, you may send your question using the contact form at the top right side of this page.